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"Choosing Jenna as my doula was one of the best decisions I made to ensure my birth experience was as positive and as natural as possible (as was my preference). Jenna's quiet and strong presence was reassuring without ever over-stepping. A quality that I appreciate is her lack of judgment; Jenna is truly open-minded and wants to help you have the birth experience that you want based on your values.

Jenna recommended excellent prenatal readings, and promptly answered my many questions before and after the birth. If she did not immediately know the answer, she tapped into her network of birth experts to provide me with the most complete response. Her strength, comfort, humour and knowledge helped me to remain calm and focused during my labor and delivery.

I reflect on my birth experience with gratefulness and pleasure - to a great extent due to the efforts and influence of my wonderful doula!"

Danielle L.   

"Jenna served as our doula for the birth of our little girl at Santa Rosa Kaiser. We wanted to work with Jenna because she has such a calm and comforting presence, as well as a genuine love of the birthing process.  Jenna was present at our daughter's birth from the moment we arrived at the hospital until we were holding our sweet bundle in our arms. 


She helped support our birth plan and all the unexpected decisions that came up along the way.  After we arrived home, Jenna presented us with a detailed account of our daughter's birth from beginning to end, a gift we will always have to remember that day.  Jenna helped keep us calm and focused during a day that could have felt chaotic and crazy.  Thank you, Jenna, for helping us welcome our sweet baby girl! "


Jen H.



"Jenna was supportive, positive, and walking that fine line between being very present, but not intrusive. What I'd say helped the most was her calm and reassuring presence. Not having been through this before, we really appreciated Jenna walking us through each step, beginning when labor started, and staying with us through the birth. 


Along the way, Sara really appreciated Jenna's ability to comfort her while she was having contractions, and work with her to remain calm and manage her pain. The techniques she showed her to help her relieve the pain were very effective and greatly appreciated. We also appreciated having Jenna's voice as one of the many in the hospital room, supporting Sara's wishes and making sure we were heard and understood. "


Joel G. and Sara H.  Return Clients

"Choosing Jenna as my doula was one of the best decisions we made. I knew my partner would do great, but I also knew I needed someone else. Doulas are special people, from walking halls with me to providing the weight for tug of war through pushing, she was amazing and I am so thankful to have had her there. My partner has said multiple times that he was glad we made the decision to hire Jenna as our doula, he needed her there just as much as I did."

Sara L.


"My baby was not in the ideal position, and I had a long and exhausting labor! Jenna was with me every step of the way. She kept me motivated and calm, through positive encouragement, and skillful touch. This all helped to greatly ease my contractions and progress my labor. I was able to have the natural birth I was hoping for. I don't want to imagine what my labor experience would have been like without her!"

Lara S.  Return Client

"I cannot recommend Jenna enough! As the father, I was unsure about what my role would be during the labor. I had taken some classes, read some books and thought I had a solid understanding of the birthing process. I was thinking I would be able to support my partner through all the stages of labor.


What I didn’t understand until we had met with Jenna for our pre-labor visits and after going through labor, was that there is so much more than understanding physiology and providing emotional support that make for a smooth birth. Jenna is in touch with the nuances of childbirth that you only get from experience.


She knew what Lara was going through at each phase and was able to make decisions to keep labor progressing while keeping Lara as comfortable as possible. She knew exactly what Lara needed for every contraction and supported her through each one. Jenna is such a hard worker! She was professional and prepared. She was with us for all 19 hours of labor and she didn’t once take a break.


Without Jenna we wouldn’t have gotten the birth we did! Jenna was able to help Lara deliver our posterior baby boy (9.4 lbs) with no pain medication! I am so impressed by the hard work of both Lara and Jenna!"

Josh S. Return Client


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