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Doula Support

Having a doula is a lot like having a trail guide or a navigator. I help you stay on the trail you've chosen, letting you know the risks and advantages of any detours you might choose to make, I'll encourage you to rest or help you push through the tough parts. But in the end, I'll make sure you've got everything you need to get to the top where the view is spectacular!

If you're the adventurous type already, you're probably really excited to take this journey, even if right now you feel a little under-prepared. Not to worry! You already have everything you need to succeed in having the birth you want. No really! Having birth support in the form of a doula is a sign that you value your experience and want your birth to change you, to expand you, and you recognize it's potential to do all that and more.

While I believe doula support should be available to everyone that desires it, I also believe every birthing person wants something different from that relationship. There is really a doula for EVERYONE, but I'm here for YOU! The person who wants a guide and a guardian that will allow them to fully embrace the personal evolution available through birth without judgement or hang ups. The person who surrounds themselves with loving relationships, colorful kick-ass affirmations and deep soul food that nourishes your sacredness and your flow. You want a birth space as magical and tuned in as you are. I'd be deeply honored to embark on that journey with someone like you!

What Can You Expect Working With Me?

You can expect to spend good quality time during your pregnancy getting to know each other: we'll chat about your birth preferences, your dream birth, questions and concerns from you and partner. We'll address your fears, your past experiences and anything else that might hinder your most open and enthusiastic birth experience. There will be lots of helpful info about what to expect, education about your body, your baby and the role of hormones in birth. We will also have a ton of fun helping you get in touch with your instinctual side, so you'll be familiar with her when your birthing day arrives. Breathing exercises, raw artistic expression (no experience needed) and maybe even some primal noises to shed your inhibitions and get you laughing!



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