Meet Jenna, Your Doula

Birth has been one of my greatest teachers. It has transformed the way I move through the world.


I hope it will do the same for you.

Growing up in a family of caregivers and nurturers, it was obvious early on that I had inherited that trait. My great-grandmother was a midwife and my mom taught me everything I needed to know about serving others wholeheartedly. It wasn't until I had lived 30 years of life and made a cross-country trek to make a new life for myself that I fully embraced one of my life's callings.

(I am also an artist!)


I realized balancing my own self-care while nurturing others was of utmost importance. I was growing my confidence in my intuition and power. That was the beginning of everything.  As an individual, I am an artist, a creative force for change and a woman committed to growing and expanding my experience always. Becoming a doula has allowed me to bring that all together.

Birth has massive creative potential. You are literally creating a new life; your own, your family's and your baby's. Each time I attend a birth I learn something new about myself and my journey. Seeing birthing people experience their full potential makes my little birth-loving heart happy! 

Each birth brings a deeper understanding of the work I am here to do.

I started my doula journey in 2013 after realizing it was time to do what I came here to do. I have been a doula for 8 years and have had the pleasure to continue to grow and develop my skills as a birth doula.


My hope is that by working together, I will be able to support you in a birth that feels authentic and truly life-changing. Having felt the fire of joy that comes from a new beginning, I can't tell you how excited I am to share that with you!

There is truly a fire in my heart for birthwork.


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